Just Listen
A Memoir
Jenna Young

Your sugar coated life melts when the acid rain hits.
It comes to the point where you can no longer fake happiness.
The rose colored shell that you have been hiding behind shatters, and you fall apart and break.

© Jenna Young
  At the age of twenty-one, Jenna Young seemed to have it all. She had a full time job that she loved, was attending college to become a Radiologist, and spent her free time with friends shopping, going out to eat, and going to parties. When an injury caused her busy life to come to a standstill, she was forced to confront her past, which she had until then managed to push to the back of her mind. As the unspeakable horrors that she had lived through came to the surface, it all became too much to handle and she suffered a breakdown that lead to hospitalization. Told through flashbacks and journal entries, you will be able to follow Jenna as she struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, and finally finds the courage to speak up about the dark secrets of her past.
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